Chad was the first Harley salesman I have ever met, from the moment I walked in the door he made me feel like part of the arsenal family. I feel that I got a good deal and I believe I owe it to Chad. He not only worked for me, he also helped me figure out what Moter cycle would work best for me. Chad introduced me to all the guys and gales in the different departments and made it easy to figure out what else I needed to get for my bike. Chad also got me going with insurance and financing both through Harley, which ended up saving me time and money. Chad is a great guy and he made my first experience with Harley Davidson a great one! Not only that but he made it easy to meet and talk to all the other people In the arsenal family. Thanks Chad I am glad I chose Arsenal Harley Davidson and it all started with you. (Employee: Chad Kerchweng)
John Sebolka
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